Monday, November 2, 2015

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This workbook is designed to help you track your progress week by week, all year long!
It has been said that "Until you commit your goals to paper, you merely have intentions; that are like seeds without soil!" 
  • This workbook allows you to "Plan - Do - Review" as you map out your strategy in every area of life.
  • There are 12 business articles here to help you move forward
  • Motivational and Inspirational quotes are on every pge to keep you encouraged
  • You'll find a workable Wheel of Life that shows up quarterly to help you regain and maintain balance in your life.  
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Here a short video (1.24 min.) that walks you through the inside of the workbook.  

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THE EMPOWERED WOMAN:                   
Purpose, Passion & Possibilities 


"After reading the first chapter alone, I feel like I can do anything!"  

You too will be inspired to carry your dream forward and not let ANYTHING hold you back once you read this powerful and inspiring book.  This work is a compilation of stories from 22 successful women from around the world who are realizing their dreams despite challenging circumstances.  Learn from their struggles, triumphs and philosophies.  Implement these workable strategies in your own life and begin to live the life you desire! 

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Key to Increased Productivity & Profitability

Learn how to HARNESS your time! This book is a quick and enjoyable read, designed to help you get more out of your days, and therefore, more out of your life! While this books' focus is on business, the principles herein have application in every area of your life. These lessons are easy to understand, yet implementing them can make a profound difference for you. These time-tested principles can help anyone realize their full potential, perhaps for the very first time! This book can change the way you think about time, and will show you how to become far more productive in your business life, which will enable you to become more profitable. Becoming more profitable allows you to also become much happier in your life as a whole. It is a fantastic domino effect, and it all begins with the efficient use of your TIME! Getting MORE done in LESS time = more PROFITS! Appreciating the precious and fleeting nature of time and learning how to maximize your use of it can be life-transforming! It can bring you peace of mind and freedom!   Only $12.50  (plus shipping and tax)

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